Thomas Ahmann, AIA

Larry Lundberg, has worked with us on three successfully completed residential projects over the past couple of years. The construction value of these projects is well over $600,000. A fourth project is now underway, with a budget of $425,000. Larry’s expertise in project budgeting, bidding and planning has been a valuable asset in all of these projects, as well as in others for which he has provided detailed pricing analysis and bidding services. In fact, whenever in need of putting the reality of a contractor’s knowledge to a project for responsive, accurate, fair, and detailed pricing, Larry is one of the first we turn to.

Ahmann Architects first came into contact with Larry on a renovation project where the Owner’s initial builder walked off the project in default. Larry was able to help pick up the pieces and plan a way forward in an economical and timely manner. This was a great service to our client in their hour of need, and a service to us as well. In the projects which followed, Larry worked with us and our clients to meet tight budgets in a stressful economic environment. Through extensive interaction, he was able to help us move forward quickly and with a sense of comfort that the budgets and schedules for these projects were realistic, and that, while the pricing was very competitive, we would be able to achieve outstanding architectural results. You may rest assured that Larry, while knowledgeable in construction, is never set in his ways. He has lent his opinion and listened to ours. He also does not give up when faced with obstacles, finding fresh ways to approach a project if one avenue, or direction, is not working out. Keeping projects moving forward seems to be his keenest interest and is one of his greatest strengths.

Sincerely, Thomas Ahmann, AIA